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In 2019 Oflines started out of love for typography. I, Boudewijn Mijnlieff, wanted to make unique prints of high quality that were still affordable. So that everyone who loves typography and art had the chance to upgrade their walls with something they really like.

My work mainly consists of typography mixed with abstraction. Through my education in graphic design combined with my history in graffiti I fell in love with typography. I like the fact that you can be inspired by an artwork without being able to read it at first sight.

Usually I start drawing just with pen on paper. When I have something I feel good about I digitalize it and make it perfect. When that's done I get it printed. I only print designs in limited runs, so you really have something unique. I put the numbering and signature on the work and it's ready to go!

I'm very grateful for the people worldwide who support me and send pictures of my work on their walls. That gives me a lot of energy to push myself to stay creative every day!

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Free shipping in the Netherlands on all orders.